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Advertising: Why Mess With Thousands of Years of Success?

When it comes to the multi-billion dollar business of advertising, business owners have so many choices today that it can feel like you’re drowning in your media spend.

TV advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising, online advertising, social media advertising, mobile ads, OH MY! With new online advertising mediums there are even more options to consider. Many business owners are dabbling in said new media options but are not seeing the return they intended or are blindly spending advertising dollars on campaigns they don’t fully understand.

Here’s a suggestion: perhaps advertising has come full circle and it’s time to go back to what you KNOW has worked for hundreds of years: outdoor advertising. 

In fact, the oldest advertisement in the world was found in Egypt, as a piece of Papyrus posted in a town square advertising a fabric shop. (see image, left)

The bottom line is that catching potential buyers’ eyes has been the tried and true method of advertising wares for THOUSANDS of years – why mess with a good thing??

We’ve come a long way (and time) since advertising on Papyrus signs, but line-of-sight advertising is still the most successful way to stop people in their tracks and gain their notice. These days we are using advertising tools that are BIG, COLORFUL, and use MOVEMENT to attract attention to a storefront.

Giant Advertising Inflatables encompass all of these things, and are more affordable than you think! Various products can be packaged together to leverage your business location and create a huge visual impact, pulling potential customers from the street to your door. Not only do they effectively attract attention (hello, Flags),  but they are a hugely successful branding practice in which to inform your community about your business event and location, and familiarize them with your logo and brand message.

Take a nod from our ancient ancestors and talk to us today about line-of-sight advertising options. Why mess with thousands of years of success??