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New Year’s Campaigns: Start Planning NOW

This is going to sound absolutely crazy, so bear with me:

New Year’s Day is FIVE MONTHS away. Five months! How is that possible?

It’s the time of year for resolutions and “New Year, New You” pacts. This is the number one time of year for people to take interest, even if fleeting, in their health and aesthetics. Therefore, any business owner or marketing executive in the health, wellness, and beauty industries should be taking immediate action to plan a New Year’s campaign that will draw in the largest share of these people looking to use their services to better themselves this time of year.

Gyms. Salons. Vitamin and supplement suppliers. Spas. Aestheticians. Physical trainers. Specified workout facilities, such as Cycling Classes, Camp Gladiator, PureBarre, etc. – all of these outlets have an enormous opportunity in January to sign eager clients up for year-long agreements while their health and wellness are top of mind.

With custom inflatable balloons such as our ever-popular Muscle Man balloon, custom Wind Dancers that dance and read “Sign Up Today”, or custom AdverFlags that attract attention and say “New Year, New You” are all guaranteed ways to remind New Years Resolutioners that you are there are ready to help them achieve their 2022 goals.

Reserve your advertising materials today by giving us a call… we’re only 5 months away from go time! New Year, MORE SALES!