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Empowering Franchise Sales With Outdoor Line Of Site Advertising

Franchisors typically have set marketing plans that promote the franchise at the national or regional level. TV ads and radio commercials as well as online advertising and P.R. are well represented in those plans to establish brand recognition at the national level. At the local level, most franchisors will provide franchisees with an example marketing plan or outline.

Taking advantage of a franchises national brand recognition campaign gives franchisees a competitive edge over their local competitors. Though the franchise may place some restrictions on how and what a franchisee can do franchisees still have many options available for marketing to prospective customers in their local area.

  1. Know Your Market
    It’s critical that a franchisee continuously studies the local market. A good understanding of the average local customer, where they live and work, will help immensely in create the right local campaigns.
  2. Promote Your Products and Services
    Use local advertising campaigns that build on the franchisor’s national efforts will help your ground your business with the locals while at the same time benefiting from your franchises branding.
  3. Get Them In the Door
    Outdoor advertising such as Inflatable balloons, large flags, and window graphics is an impressive way to advertise and one of the most cost effective ways to draw attention and get people the door.  Outdoor advertising is literally 24/7, in your face advertising for attracting your potential customers who are driving by your location 1-2 times a day on an average of 5 days a week.

Bullseye Promotions provides special franchisee marketing programs, changing out your message and/or inflatable balloons, moving them from one location to the next, on a monthly basis so that you can keep your customers aware of new products, services and/or grand openings you want them to know about. Outdoor advertising promotions has proven to increase overall revenues as much as 50% with some franchisee owners.

Outdoor advertising promotions and campaigns helps franchisees generate new customers and keep past customers coming back.