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Top 5 Best Days of the Year to Offer a Sale

Every business can benefit from offering holiday sales.

Here are the best days to run a sale. Any small business owner will tell you that holiday sales can make or break their bottom line. In fact, the holidays represent nearly 19% of some retailers’ total yearly sales, according to the National Retail Federation.

Consumers and businesses alike are always looking for the next holiday sale opportunity. As soon as Halloween ends, many businesses begin putting out their December decor and gift sets. If you own a small business and have not yet started to prepare for the booming holiday season, now is the time to get your calendar out and get started.

As part of your planning, use our guide of dates for the best holiday sales as you craft promotions in your department stores and strip outlet stores that feature retail sales.

MEMORIAL DAY – Monday, May 30

Memorial Day sales last for a couple of days at most. This makes it ripe for flash sales.

These sales typically come with substantial discounts and are all about encouraging consumers to make impulse purchases. They’re also a great way to grab some press attention and make sure customers visit your store over your competitors.

Focusing on your new summer products is the best strategy here. Many consumers wait until Memorial Day weekend to make their spring and summer purchases, so they’re on the lookout for this season’s items. Make the discounts too good to avoid.

Getting the word out about your sales will be just as important. Use a Giant Inflatable or Flags to let shoppers know you’re offering a sale!

4TH OF JULY – Monday, July 4

Independence day is well known to be the ultimate American shopping spree. Giving the consumer a little motivation to pick your offer will gain you even more market share. Run a 4th of July special sale, make it Independence day themed, and create a narrative around it.

We have many Patriotic-themed outdoor advertising products with which to decorate your storefront!

HALLOWEEN – Monday, October 31

If you have a physical store, it makes sense to put up Halloween decorations to “get in the spirit.”

Adding some fun Halloween touches to your store can put your customers in the mood and show that you’re a fun-loving brand.

BLACK FRIDAY – Friday, November 25

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season and has had some of the biggest holiday sales in the U.S.

To have a successful Black Friday and land as many sales as possible, focus heavily on letting people know about discounts and deals. Consider extending your usual business hours by opening earlier and closing later on the actual day.

Post sales on social media as well as using signage to alert passers-by to your specials.

NEW YEARS  – Sunday, January 1

As the world welcomes 2023, consumers will already be in the holiday shopping spirit and it’s the perfect time for a good promotion that can further encourage them to buy from you.

Gyms, Fitness outlets, and Supplement Stores, as well as Mattress and Furniture outlets, can especially benefit from outdoor advertising during this time. 

Searchlights are the ticket to gaining attention at your location this time of year. It gets dark sooner, and people are in a festive mood. Draw them in with exciting searchlights that can be seen from far away!