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About Bullseye

About Our Company

A crazy idea that worked!

Dan Matheus was in North Carolina in a hotel van when all the conversations stopped and people on the van asked “What’s going on over there?” We all noticed a Grand Opening balloon/inflatable on the roof of a business, a grand opening banner and pennants stringing across the parking lot decorating for their event. It didn’t sink in until next week on the same van with different passengers conversations once again stopped and asked the same question, “What’s is going on over there” that is when Dan saw an idea for a new business. The entrepreneurial juices started flowing & Dan researched and started Bullseye Promotions with the purchase of his first Hot Air Balloon shape. Soon after King Kong, Godzilla and many other shapes were purchased and put into service having the passersby saying “What is going on there?” Many years later and thousands of installs, Bullseye has 100’s of giant inflatables, searchlights, flags, tents, banners etc.

Our Vision

We help clients who are having Grand Openings, Huge Sales, etc. We also specialize in helping Home builders show off their new model homes and helping them stand out from their competition. We help businesses in combat situations bringing attention to your business instead of the competition. Branding is the key. Bullseye creates, manufacturers and offers management services for all types of national client’s custom inflatables bringing their brand or product to life such as 20’ Schlotzsky’s cup, Quick Quack Duck, etc. bringing excitement, driving store traffic and increasing sales.

Bullseye now installs signage inside the stores with signs hanging from the ceiling, window graphics and point of purchase signage. We partner with major national chains as well as individual locations installing high-impact, attention getting decorations including advertising flags/feather flags, grand opening or sale promotion inflatables or custom inflatables, air dancers/tube dancers, pennants or streamers, window graphics and others to increase store traffic which increases sales. Advertising agencies use our services to make their life easier by booking us to manage and service events such as major sporting events, marathons, special events, trade shows to help brand build and get customer’s attention. Bullseye has executed well over 100,000 installs on time and on budget.