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Turning Foot Traffic Into Sales

Successful retailers drive traffic through on-site outdoor promotions that bring attention to their in-store promotion offers. This allows them to leverage one of their biggest assets – their location; meaning directly targeting their drive-by and walk-by traffic. Of course you’re going to engage your other advertising and marketing means, but if you’re not leveraging your...
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Does Gorilla Marketing Work? IT JUST DID!

Every person in the great United States of America is familiar with the traditional advertising tool, usually seen on car dealership rooftops, the Giant Inflatable Gorilla! This eye-catching advertising device is so well-known that it’s become somewhat of a dealership advertising cliche in recent years. It’s even been featured on a recent popular VW commercial! Let’s stop...
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Advertising: Why Mess With Thousands of Years of Success?

When it comes to the multi-billion dollar business of advertising, business owners have so many choices today that it can feel like you’re drowning in your media spend. TV advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising, online advertising, social media advertising, mobile ads, OH MY! With new online advertising mediums there are even more options to consider....
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