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Our Team

Carlos Magana

What I do: Installer

My favorite things: Enjoy time with my kids, working on cars, family time at the lake, club dancing.

My favorite thing about Bullseye: Getting to explore new places, working in different cities, making customers happy.

Johnathan Aguilar

What I do: Installer and warehouse supervisor

My favorite things: Spending time with family, traveling, cooking, eating good food

My favorite thing about Bullseye: The opportunity to work for a great company filled with great people

Kevin Gowins

What I do: Marketing

My favorite things:  Dual Sport Motorcycling, servicing power sports equipment, coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks  

My favorite thing about Bullseye:  Our multi-faceted staff, relaxed work environment

Brandon Rodriguez

What I Do: Artwork & Design

My Favorite Things: Fishing, Coaching, Designing, & Of Course Family Time.

My Favorite Thing About Bullseye: The Communication & Team Work That This Company Has Given Since Day One.

Lizzie Pritchett

What I Do: Marketing

My favorite things: my dog Fancy, Benihana, spreadsheets, Degas, the beach, reading, and fast wifi.

My favorite thing about Bullseye: Our leadership, helping struggling businesses, and the snacks in the break room.

Chris Purtee

What I Do: Operations & sales 

Favorite things:  Family, friends, my dogs, good food, laughter 

Favorite thing about Bullseye: helping businesses with our awesome service and teamwork 

Mark Wilhoite

What I Do: Operations, Installs, and Mr. Fix It

My favorite things: Jesus, My Wife, Fishing, Motorcycle Rides, and good food

My favorite thing about Bullseye: Using teamwork and my God given gifts to help businesses find success

Wayne Canter

What I Do: Project Management

My favorite things: My grandkids, golf, small venue live music, sporting events and good bourbon

My favorite thing about Bullseye: Working with companies to figure out solutions to get them noticed and the chocolate that’s kept in the office.

Dan Matheus

What I do: Set direction for company & whatever needs to be done

My favorite things: Family, Church, Sailing, Fun on the water & Sunsets

My Favorite thing about Bullseye: Hearing clients tell us how successful their promotion was and how they can’t wait to do it again

Chris Greene

What I Do: A little bit of everything

My favorite things: My Grandson, drag racing with my family, reading & the Texas Rangers

My favorite thing about Bullseye: We are a big family which makes work much more fun!

Edgar Garcia

What I Do: Installer

My favorite things:  Spending time with his family, any outside activities, watching movies 

My favorite thing about Bullseye: People I work with

Chris Sheetz

What I Do: Project Manager

My favorite things: Golf, family vacations, a good steak

My favorite thing about Bullseye: Our willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done and make the client happy