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Discover how investing in A-Frame signs can supercharge your marketing efforts, drawing more foot traffic and increasing sales. These versatile signs offer maximum visibility in high-traffic areas, making them an essential tool for any brick-and-mortar business. Whether you’re promoting daily specials or guiding customers to your entrance, A-Frame signs are the silent ambassadors ensuring your message is seen.

A frame sign

The Power of Sidewalk Signage

Take a moment to envision your favorite coffeehouse. Now, imagine that inviting A-frame sign on the sidewalk, displaying today’s special or a playful quote. This essential piece of outdoor signage grabs attention, pulls customers in, and can boost your brand identity.

A-Frame signs, or sandwich boards, are robust, portable advertising tools designed to withstand outdoor elements while effectively conveying your message. With Bullseye Promotions, we help you make the most of these compact marketing powerhouses, ensuring every passersby becomes a potential customer.

Unleash Your Logo's Potential

A well-designed logo speaks volumes about your business. Incorporating your logo into an A-Frame sign not only promotes brand recognition but also leaves a memorable impression on pedestrians. With our graphic design expertise, we ensure your logo shines bright on you sidewalk signage.

Durable Metal Frames

Our A-Frame signs are built with durable metal, designed to weather any storm and continue promoting your business. The frame is heavy enough to stand firm in winds, yet light enough for daily setup and removal. It’s a practical, low-maintenance marketing tool.

Custom Graphics on Corrugated Plastic

We use high-quality, corrugated plastic for sign inserts, ensuring vibrant, fade-resistant graphics. Personalize with your business name, logo, promotions, or any message you wish to broadcast. Custom graphics offer you the flexibility to change your message as often as needed, keeping your content fresh and relevant.

Unleash the Power of Signicade® Signs

Signicade signs, a specialized variant of A-frame signs, elevate your business’s outdoor advertising with their robust design and exceptional versatility. Built with a durable plastic frame, these signs withstand harsh weather, ensuring your message is always on display. Their sandwich board structure features a molded handle for easy portability and space for ballast to add extra weight, making them ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic.

Customizable on both sides, Signicade signs offer large graphic areas for your brand message, logo, or promotion. The innovative quick-change systems like Velcro or slide-in design allow for fast, effortless message swapping, ideal for businesses with dynamic marketing strategies. Made from weather-resistant, heavy-duty plastic, these signs promise long-term use, maintaining their vibrancy through various conditions.


Affordability and High Return on Investment

Quality doesn’t have to break the bank. Our A-frame signs provide affordable advertising that keeps delivering. With an accessible price point, businesses of all sizes can harness the power of impactful, personalizable signage.

For Any Business and Any Event

Whether you’re a bustling restaurant announcing the day’s special, a retail store promoting a sale, or setting up a trade fair booth, an A-Frame sign serves as your silent promoter. With Bullseye Promotions, we help you captivate attention, no matter the setting or weather conditions.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance

Our A-Frame signs are designed for ease of assembly. Simply slide your custom, corrugated plastic inserts into the metal or Signicade frame, and you’re set! When it comes to maintenance, weatherproofing ensures durability, even in rain and rust-prone conditions.

Enhance Your Advertising Strategy Today with Bullseye A-Frame Signs

Give your business the attention it deserves with our high-quality, customizable A-Frame signs. Whether it’s your logo, a bold graphic design, or a simple message, we’re committed to helping your business make a significant impact. Ready to attract more customers? Contact Bullseye Promotions today or fill out our interest form for a quote.

“Great company to go to for all your advertising needs, Bullseye helped me from the planning stage all the way up to set up. Not only that but they provide support and my business has been seeing a lot more customers 10/10 would use them again!.”

Ethan Mitchell

Owner, Dragon Shop

Use Cases


Sales, Grand Openings, Store Hours


Specials, Gift Cards, Now Hiring

Educational Institutions

Special Events, Performing Arts, Directional, Fundraisers

Outdoor Events - Festivals, Concerts, etc.

Ticketing, Directional, Food Stands, Show Times, Sponsor Branding

Works Well With

Feather Flags

Pop Up Tent

Mesh Banners

Window Graphics

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A-Frame Signs FAQs

Can A-frame signs be personalized?

Yes, A-frame signs offer a high degree of personalization. From images to text, you can print a custom design on your sign to align with your branding and marketing strategy.

How does the weathering process affect my A-frame sign?

A-frames made from durable materials like aluminum or polyvinyl chloride resist weathering, maintaining their visual appeal and information clarity over time. Always ensure to use weather-resistant inks for print to prevent fading.

Can I use A-frame signs as menu boards?

Absolutely. A-frame signs, particularly blackboard or whiteboard types, are excellent for displaying menus. They allow for quick changes and offer a touch of creativity with chalk-written daily specials.

Are A-frame signs suitable for door promotions?

A-frame signs are perfect for door promotions. They can serve as point of sale displays, providing vital product or service information to customers as they enter or exit your business.

How does an A-frame sign utilize my ever changing message?

A-frame signs often come with an easy to change sign/banner holders. The message can be easily switched out for various promotions or events, increasing the versatility of your signage.

What businesses have you seen have success with an A-frame sign?

Any type of business! From baseball stadiums, to churches, schools, restaurants and cafes, to retail locations and others. If pedestrians walk in front of your location, an A-frame sign can convey your marketing messages.

Can I use a whiteboard or blackboard on my A-frame sign?

Yes. A-frame signs with whiteboard or blackboard surfaces allow for dynamic and creative advertising. You can regularly update your message using chalk or whiteboard markers.


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