Barricade Covers

Bullseye Promotions takes your brand to the next level with personalized custom barricade covers. Uniquely designed to complement your branding, our covers serve as an extension of your advertising strategy.

Barricade Covers & Jackets: Turning Barriers into Billboards

Take advantage of every available space for your branding at your next event. Transform your crowd control barricades into billboards with our custom barricade jackets, creatively advertising your brand to a captive audience.

Price, Quality, and More: Why Choose Bullseye Promotions?

Our competitive pricing, years of experience, quality of materials, and exceptional service set us apart in the market. From design consultation to manufacturing, Bullseye Promotions is committed to delivering perfection.


240g Tension Fabric: A Material Made for Performance

Our covers are crafted from robust 240g tension fabric, ensuring full color graphics, longevity with maximum impact. This high-quality material resists weathering and delivers a vibrant color payoff, ensuring your brand message never fades.

A Spectrum of Color

Whether you prefer bold primaries or subtle pastels, Bullseye Promotions provides a wide range of colors for your barricade covers. Match your brand’s colors or go for something completely different to make your barriers stand out.

Graphic Design: Turn Your Vision into Reality

Our team of skilled graphic designers are ready to assist with the artwork for your crowd controlling barricade covers. If you have a design already, we’ll help you optimize it for printing on our tension fabric or tarpaulin fabric.

Quality Sublimation Printing

Using advanced sublimation technology, we ensure the ink is absorbed by the polyester material of the barricade covers. This ensures an image resolution that is crisp, with vibrant colors that can withstand rain or shine.

Custom Barricade Covers: Your Crowd Control Solution

Whether you’re organizing an event, controlling crowd movements, or promoting your brand, custom barricade covers serve as an excellent tool. They transform essential safety measures into effective advertising spaces.

Sponsor Commercial Space with Barricade Covers

Increase your event’s revenue by offering barricade cover space to sponsors. This prime advertising real estate becomes a win-win for event management and sponsors alike.


Making Your Mark

Your brand’s logo, key messages, or even unique artwork can be printed on the barricade covers, offering an inexpensive yet impactful way to promote your company. With Bullseye Promotions, you can turn any event into a marketing opportunity.


Ready to Transform Your Barricades? Call Bullseye Promotions.

Call Bullseye Promotions or fill out our online form for a quote today. Let’s turn your barricades into brand amplifiers at your next event!



“We love Bullseye! They have been doing our promotions. They are always on time and never forget the permit! Their customer service is amazing, and we love our sales representative! He is amazing.”

Claire Skinner

Business Manager, Fannin Tree Farm


Use Cases

Sporting Events

Course barriers, crowd control, ticket queues.

Trade Shows

Packet pickup, security lines

Concerts & Events

Cross promotion, crowd control,  artist areas


Driveway marketing, model home parking

Works Well With

Feather Flags

Pop-up Tents

Custom Tablecloths

Trade Show Displays

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Barricade Covers FAQs

How can custom printed barrier covers boost my promotion marketing strategy?

Custom printed barrier covers serve as dynamic, eye-catching signage that elevates your promotion marketing strategy. They amplify your brand’s presence at events, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

What’s the purpose of the hem in the barrier covers?

The hem adds extra strength to the edge of the barrier cover, preventing it from fraying or tearing. It also provides a clean, professional finish to the product.

Can I print graphics on the spandex barrier jackets?

Absolutely! Spandex is a great textile for vibrant, high-definition graphics. Its elasticity ensures your design looks flawless and smooth on our barrier jackets. 

Can a grommet be added to my barrier covers?

Yes, grommets can be added for ease of installation. They allow the covers to be securely attached to crowd control barricades, withstanding any weather conditions. 

Are your products suitable for outdoor events?

Yes, our products are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. 

What if I want a mesh barrier jacket for my organization’s upcoming event?

We offer a range of materials, including mesh. Mesh barrier jackets are an excellent choice for outdoor events as they allow wind to pass through, reducing wind resistance. 

How does the stanchion fit into the custom barricade covers?

Our custom barricade covers are designed to perfectly fit over stanchions and other crowd control barricades, enhancing your event’s overall aesthetics. 

Can I use my organization’s logo and colors on the custom printed barrier covers?

Absolutely! We offer full-color printing, allowing you to showcase your organization’s brand accurately and vibrantly on your custom barrier covers.

Are the custom barrier covers suitable for outdoor use?

Absolutely! Our custom barrier covers are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them perfect for outdoor use. Their durability ensures they maintain their vibrant colors and graphics event after event.

What is sublimation phase transition in relation to the printing process?

Sublimation is a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials like textiles. The “phase transition” refers to the dye transitioning from a solid directly to a gas, bypassing the liquid phase, which embeds the design into the fabric for a long-lasting, high-quality print.

Can I get a high-resolution print on my custom barrier cover?

Yes, we pride ourselves on providing high-resolution prints for all our products. This ensures that your design is clear, crisp, and vibrant, greatly enhancing the visibility and impact of your brand.

Do you provide design services for creating graphics for the barrier covers?

Absolutely, our talented team of designers is here to help. Whether you need help creating a design from scratch or refining existing artwork, our design services ensure your brand stands out on our products.

Can the size of the barrier covers be customized to fit different barricades?

Yes, we offer a variety of sizes to perfectly fit your specific barricades. If you need a custom size, just let us know and we’ll work with you to meet your needs.

How can event sponsors use custom barrier covers to increase brand visibility?

Custom barrier covers provide a significant branding opportunity for event sponsors. By displaying their logo or message on these covers, sponsors can greatly increase their brand visibility and impact on attendees.

Can I have multiple brands displayed on the barrier covers?

Absolutely! Our high-resolution printing allows for multiple logos or brands to be displayed crisply and visibly on the barrier covers.

What measures are in place to prevent the barrier covers from tearing?

Our barrier covers are made from high-quality, durable materials and feature reinforced hems to resist tearing. Whether they’re used indoors or outdoors, our products are designed to stand up to wear and tear.

Still have a question?

Reach out to us with any questions you may have about our products.

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