Pop Up Canopy Tents​

A well-placed pop-up canopy tent can be a powerful tool for your business, driving foot traffic and bolstering sales. These versatile structures, available in a plethora of sizes and colors, offer not just shelter from the elements, but a unique marketing opportunity to enhance your brand visibility.

Diverse Size Options for Every Business Need

Whether it’s a compact 5’x5′ for a small trade fair booth or a grand 20’x20′ for a large outdoor event, Bullseye Promotions has got you covered. Our selection of canopy tent sizes guarantees a perfect fit for your business requirements, ensuring your space is optimally utilized.


Befriend the Elements with Superior Canopy Features

Fear not the sun, rain, or wind when you have a Bullseye Promotions’ canopy tent. Crafted with high-quality, durable materials, our pop-up canopies provide unparalleled protection from inclement weather, ensuring your business operations continue unhindered. Our tents feature robust aluminum framing, sandbags for stability, and waterproofing that repels rain without a hitch.

Taking Tent Design to New Heights

The height and design of a canopy tent play a vital role in its visibility and usability. Our tents feature adjustable heights and a choice of designs from sleek gazebos to spacious cathedral-styled canopies. The roof structure is carefully designed to optimize airflow, keeping your space cool, and comfortable.


The Value of Extra Features

Our pop-up canopy tents come with a wealth of extra features to enhance your business’s presence in any event. From sidewalls offering additional room and privacy to mesh windows for ventilation and clear plastic walls for showcasing your products, the possibilities are endless.

Easy Setup and Transport for Stress-Free Usage

Worried about setup and transport? With Bullseye Promotions’ pop-up canopy tents, those concerns are a thing of the past. Each tent comes with an easy setup mechanism, making it a cinch to erect. Moreover, our tents are designed for easy transport, fitting snugly into the trunk of a standard car or SUV. A handy roller bag accompanies each tent for convenient transport and storage.

Enhanced Durability with Quality Materials

We use only the finest materials in our pop-up canopy tents. The durable 600D polyester canopy offers robust water resistance and ultraviolet protection. Meanwhile, the steel frame is rust-resistant, courtesy of its high-quality powder coating. Our tents also can come equipped with a sandbag for extra stability and Velcro straps for easy attachment of walls or banners.

Experience Bullseye's Attractive Pricing and Stellar Customer Service

At Bullseye Promotions, we believe in offering top-notch products at competitive prices. Reach out to us for a detailed pricing structure, custom-made for your requirements. Additionally, our dedicated customer service team is always on standby to answer your queries and assist you throughout your purchasing journey.

Amplify Your Business's Impact with Pop-Up Canopy Tents

Pop-up canopy tents are more than just temporary shelters; they’re strategic tools to elevate your business’s visibility and appeal. Trust Bullseye Promotions to deliver tents that are not only resilient and user-friendly but also embody your brand’s image perfectly. Reach out to us today to explore the world of possibilities with our pop-up canopy tents. Your outdoor event success is just a phone call away!


“Amazing company! Bullseye is great to work with. We do a ton of last-minute business, and Bullseye always delivers!”

Tanner Wiedeman

Operations Manager, Paradise Spas & Outdoor Living

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Pop Up Tent FAQs

How much does a pop-up canopy tent typically weigh?

A standard pop-up canopy tent can weigh between 40 to 60 pounds, depending on the size and the type of materials used. Our foldable aluminum tent frame is lightweight and portable and the rolling storage bag makes transporting a snap and convenient to display. Alloy steel and aluminum frames tend to be lighter than their metal counterparts.

Can I adjust the angle of my canopy tent?

Yes, most of our tents come with telescoping poles, allowing you to adjust the angle and height of the tent to meet your specific needs. It’s perfect for dealing with changing sunlight or wind direction.

Are there any warranty options for the pop-up canopy tents?

Yes, all our pop-up canopy tents come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty coverage varies based on the model and construction.

Do you offer curtains for the pop-up canopy tents?

Yes, we offer a range of accessories including curtains & walls for extra protection and privacy. Some of our models come with these as standard features.

Can the tent fit in my vehicle?

Most of our canopy tents come with a compact carry bag with wheels, making it easy to transport. They are designed to fit in the trunk of a standard SUV or car.

Is the pop-up canopy tent resistant to heat and sunlight?

Yes, our canopy tents are crafted with UV-protected, water-resistant, and heat-reflective materials like polyester and nylon, ensuring comfort and protection from harmful sunlight.

What kind of construction does a pop-up canopy tent have?

Pop-up canopy tents typically have a collapsible aluminium frame for durability and strength, and a canopy top made from durable textiles such as 600D polyester. Some models may also have added features like spring-loaded pull-pin adjusters for easy setup and height adjustment.

Is the tent frame made of alloy steel?

Some of our pop-up canopy tent models have frames made of alloy steel for superior strength and durability. Others may use lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum for easy transport and setup.

What kind of rope is best to use with a pop-up canopy tent?

Nylon rope is commonly used with pop-up canopy tents due to its strength and durability. It’s ideal for securing the tent to ground stakes or sandbag weights.

Can I use my pop-up canopy tent on a hot day?

Absolutely! Our canopy tents are designed to provide shade and shelter from the heat. They are made from materials that reflect sunlight to help keep the space beneath them cooler.

Can these canopy tents be used in the rain?

While our pop-up canopies are water-resistant, they are not meant to withstand heavy rain or severe weather conditions. It’s always best to take down your tent in inclement weather to avoid damage.

Can these canopy tents withstand strong winds?

While our pop-up canopies are sturdy and well-constructed, no pop-up canopy tent is designed to withstand strong winds or severe weather conditions. Sandbags, stakes, and ropes can improve stability, but for safety, we recommend taking down the tent in high wind conditions.

What is the best way to anchor a pop-up canopy tent?

Tents can be anchored with ground stakes, sandbags, or weights. Depending on the tent model, you may also have straps or ropes attached to the tent that can be anchored to nearby structures or vehicles for additional stability.

What’s the purpose of the awning in a pop-up canopy tent?

An awning adds extra shade and protection from the elements. It extends out from the main canopy, providing a larger sheltered area under your tent.

Can the legs of the tent be adjusted?

Yes, most of our pop-up canopy tents have adjustable legs, allowing you to change the height and angle of the canopy. Some even feature spring-loaded mechanisms for easy and fast adjustments.

Do pop-up canopy tents come with a warranty?

Yes, most of our pop-up canopy tents come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This typically covers defects in materials or workmanship. Be sure to check the specific product description for warranty information.

What are the dimensions of the pop-up canopy tents?

The dimensions vary based on the specific model and size of the tent. We offer a variety of sizes, ranging from compact 5’x5′ tents to larger models measuring more than 20′ across. Always check the product description for the exact dimensions.

What is the weight of a typical pop-up canopy tent?

The weight of a pop-up canopy tent depends on its size and the materials used. Generally, they range from around 20 pounds for smaller models to over 50 pounds for larger ones.

Do these canopy tents come with a carrying bag?

Yes, most of our pop-up canopy tents come with a carrying bag, often featuring wheels for easy transport. The bag not only makes the tent more portable but also provides a convenient storage solution.

Can these tents be used for outdoor sports events?

Absolutely! Our pop-up canopy tents are perfect for providing shelter and shade at outdoor sporting events. They are quick to set up and take down, making them ideal for temporary use.

What kind of gear can I store in my pop-up canopy tent?

Pop-up canopy tents are great for storing gear during outdoor events. Whether you need space for sporting equipment, camping supplies, or trade show materials, the sheltered space can protect your items from the elements.

How should I clean and maintain my pop-up canopy tent?

Maintaining your tent’s longevity involves regular cleaning. Wipe down the frame with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. For the canopy, use a mild soap and water mixture to clean any stains or spots. Ensure it’s fully dry before storing to prevent mold and mildew.

Does the canopy tent come with a floor?

Our pop-up canopy tents typically do not come with a floor as they’re designed for versatility across different outdoor terrains. However, you can purchase a separate ground cloth or tarp to use as a floor if required.

What colors are available for pop-up canopy tents?

We offer a wide range of color options to suit your business needs or personal style. Popular choices include vibrant colors for high visibility and classic white for a sleek, professional look. Check specific product listings for available colors.

What is the best pop-up canopy for outdoor events?

The “best” pop-up canopy will depend on your specific needs. Larger canopies are perfect for big events or if you require more covered space. Consider features like UV protection, water resistance, and easy setup when choosing your perfect canopy.

Do your pop-up canopy tents provide protection against UV rays?

Yes, many of our canopy tents are made with fabric that provides UV protection. This helps to shield you and your guests from harmful ultraviolet rays during outdoor events.

Can I set up a table under my pop-up canopy tent?

Absolutely! Pop-up canopy tents provide ample space for tables, chairs, and other furniture. It’s perfect for creating a comfortable outdoor seating area, a stall for goods, or a registration table for events. If you need a custom table cover to match, we can do it too!

What are your pop up tents made of?

Our pop-up canopy tents are usually made from durable 600D polyester. However, we do offer some models with vinyl canopies, known for their enhanced water resistance and longevity.

What can I use a pop up canopy tent for?

Your pop-up canopy tent is an incredibly versatile asset that you can use for a multitude of occasions. It’s ideal for outdoor recreation activities like camping and picnicking, providing shelter from sun or rain. Retail businesses can also use it for outdoor sales events, flea markets, tailgatting or trade shows, creating an attractive and professional-looking stall. Moreover, it’s perfect for backyard parties, offering a covered space for guests to mingle and eat. Additionally, these tents are excellent for outdoor events such as sports meets, music festivals, and even beach gatherings, enhancing comfort and convenience.

How durable are pop-up canopy tents, and how do they withstand wear and tear?

Pop-up canopy tents are designed for durability and longevity. Made from high-quality materials like polyester or vinyl, they can withstand harsh outdoor elements, from sun rays to rain. The aluminum frames are robust and provide stability. With proper care and maintenance, these tents can resist wear and tear, serving your needs for various events over many years.

What makes Bullseye Promotions’ pop-up canopy tents perfect for my needs?

Our fully customizable pop-up canopy tents stand out for their quality construction, easy setup, and variety of sizes and colors. We are committed to providing you with tents that are not just functional, but also align with the perfection you seek for your outdoor events.

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