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Leverage the power of eye-catching graphics and superbly framed content with Bullseye Promotions’ snap frames. Perfect for any business, our frames seamlessly blend with various environments, from bustling retail stores to chic coffeehouses and everything in between..

Sun poster in a snap frame

Snap Frames: The Silver Lining of Every Advertisement

Our snap frames, renowned for their classic silver design, aren’t just ordinary frames. They are a doorway that introduces your potential customer to what your business can offer. It’s more than a frame; it’s a business tool designed to grab attention, evoke interest, and stimulate engagement.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Our snap frames are not just for indoor applications. With weather-resistant properties, they are an excellent option for sidewalk advertising or any outdoor point of sale locations, enduring all the whims of the weather, from baking sun to the heaviest downpour.

Ease of Use with Snap Design

Changing graphics is a snap with our snap frames. The spring device technology ensures quick changes of your posters, menus, or any document you need to display. It’s a tool designed for busy retailers who value their time and efficiency.

Personalize Your Message

Personalization is key in modern-day advertising. Whether it’s a fashion product promotion, a new menu in your restaurant, or a film poster in your movie theater, our snap frames let you customize your message to suit your target audience’s preferences. And at Bullseye, we can design & make your graphics for your next promotion, sale or new look.

Delivery and Customer Service: Experience Bullseye

Bullseye’s excellent customer service doesn’t end at purchase. We provide top-notch delivery services across the United States, ensuring your snap frames reach you promptly and in perfect condition. Plus, our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist with any queries or issues.

Unleash the Power of Light

Some messages deserve to shine. Choose from our range of backlight options to illuminate your content, turning a regular snap frame into an alluring lightbox. It’s ideal for low-light settings such as bars, nightclubs, and evening events.

From Business to Art

Snap frames are not just limited to businesses. Display art, photographs, or memorabilia with style and sophistication. Make a statement in your hotel lobby, bank, or even your home, with frames that speak volumes about your taste and elegance.

“We have been delighted with the customer service orientation and turnkey process of using Bullseye Promotions for our guerrilla marketing efforts when we have new Great Clips salons grand openings or Great Haircut sales.

“They handle everything from permits to installs and even help us deal with balky landlords. I’ve used them for over 10 years and highly recommend this company to anyone choosing to use this method to call attention to their business.”

Fred G.

Franchise Owner, Great Clips

Use Cases


Specials, product highlights, gift cards, credit & rewards programs


Sales, featured product promotion, disclaimers


Menu features, daily/weekly specials

Schools & Churches

Upcoming events, message series, club and ministry info

Works Well With

Silicon Edge Graphics


Wall Graphics

Retractable Banner

Window Graphics

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Snap Frames FAQs

Can I use a snap frame on my business door?

Absolutely! Snap frames are versatile and can be installed on doors, allowing you to display crucial business details or promotions right at the entry point.

What is an A-frame in relation to snap frames?

An A-frame is a self-supporting structure shaped like the letter ‘A’. A-frames can hold two posters back-to-back, ideal for sidewalk advertising. Snap frames are wall-mounted signage that you can change out signage very easily.

Are snap frames made from metal or plastic?

Snap frames at Bullseye Promotions are primarily made of durable aluminum metal, ensuring a longer lifespan and resistance against weather elements.

Are snap frames similar to picture frames?

While both are designed to display images or information, snap frames differ as they’re built with hinged edges that ‘snap’ open and shut, facilitating easy content changes.

How is the signage quality in snap frames?

Snap frames provide excellent signage quality. Their easy-open, snap-shut mechanism ensures that your marketing messages, images, or promotional details are displayed professionally and clearly.

Can I use photography in my snap frames?

Yes, photography works well in snap frames. They’re a great way to display high-quality photos or promotional images, adding visual appeal to your space.

Are snap frames weather-resistant?

Yes, our snap frames are made with weather-resistant materials like aluminum and powder-coated finishes, making them suitable for outdoor use.

What is anodizing in the context of snap frames?

Anodizing is a process that increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Anodized snap frames have enhanced corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.

Is powder coating used on snap frames?

Yes, powder coating is commonly used in the manufacturing of snap frames to improve their durability and give them a high-quality, attractive finish.

How can snap frames enhance my brand?

Snap frames can significantly enhance your brand by providing a professional, aesthetically pleasing way to display your marketing materials, promotions, or brand information.

Do snap frames come with an easel?

While snap frames are typically wall-mounted, certain models can be used with an easel for floor display, allowing for versatile positioning.

What is the molding in snap frames?

Molding refers to the frame’s edge detailing. In snap frames, the molding is usually simple and sleek to maintain focus on the displayed content.

What are the length options for snap frames?

Snap frames come in a variety of lengths to accommodate different poster sizes. From small A4 frames to larger custom sizes, we cater to all business needs.

How does manufacturing affect the cost of snap frames?

The manufacturing process, material quality, and frame size significantly affect the cost of snap frames. At Bullseye Promotions, we ensure a balance between cost and quality for the best customer value.

What is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and is it used in snap frames?

Polymethyl methacrylate, also known as acrylic or Plexiglas, is a clear plastic often used as a lightweight, shatter-resistant alternative to glass. It can be used as a cover for snap frames to protect the displayed content.

Can snap frames have glass fronts?

While most snap frames use plastic covers for safety and durability, some high-end frames may utilize glass. Glass provides a more luxurious feel and can enhance the perceived value of the displayed content.

Is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used in snap frames?

Yes, PVC may be used in some snap frames, particularly for the backing or protective cover. It’s a durable and flexible material that adds to the longevity of the frame.

Are snap frames tamper-proof?

Certain snap frames are designed to be tamper-proof, with locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. These are ideal for high-traffic or unsupervised locations.

Still have a question?

Reach out to us with any questions you may have about our products.

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