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Pennants & streamers, also known as pennant strings, are powerful visual cues that draw attention to your business. Composed of multiple triangular flags or metallic fringe—on a single string, these colorful decorations capture the eye and create an atmosphere of excitement around your brand or location. Whether you’re advertising a grand opening, car dealership, promoting an event, or adding a festive touch to your business exterior, pennant streamers are a cost-effective, visually appealing solution.

Pennants and streamers outside a store

Pennant Streamers: The Colorful Business Boost You Need

Each pennant on a string can carry a vibrant color or an enticing message, making them an ideal choice for roadside businesses or car dealerships. Metallic fringe streamers work great for creating eye-catching visuals as customers drive by your location.  These metallic pennants streamers are an extremely colorful way to advertise and promote the special events at you have throughout the year. They’re crafted from durable materials like 8 mil opaque polyethylene and double sewn on a heavy-duty plastic-covered header therefor able to withstand weather conditions while maintaining their bright and colorful appeal. A pennant string can carry your logo or a specific message, adding a personal touch that increases brand recognition. Imagine your logo or name fluttering in the wind, drawing eyes and creating a memorable image that imprints your business in the minds of potential customers.

Eye Catching Success: Triangles & Metallic Fringe

Pennant & Streamers typically come in two styles: pennants are colorful triangles on a string and are used for a short term event up to 90 days while metallic fringe streamers can be used on a longer period of time between 6 – 12 months and both come in multiple color combinations. Triangular flags, a universal symbol of celebration, create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. We also offer Rectangle flags to provide more space for logos or promotional messages, allowing your brand to speak louder. Choose the shape and style that suits your advertising needs or mix them for a varied visual effect. We can customize the color combinations to match your business or school for a festive and inviting look.

The Impact of Pennants & Streamers

A string of pennant flags or multicolored metallic streamers strung across your business front or exhibition booth will command attention. It creates a focal point and draws the crowd’s gaze to the most crucial aspects of your business. But pennant & streamers aren’t just about getting attention; they’re also about retention. A vibrant pennant string is a sight people remember, increasing the chance they’ll recall your business when they need your product or service.


A Tradition of Attention

Pennant strings and metallic fringe streamers have a long history of use in the United States, from car dealerships to cross-country events. They have become a familiar symbol of celebration, promotion, and advertising. Adopting this tradition for your business not only grabs attention but also taps into a shared cultural memory, further increasing your visibility and impact.

Easy Installation, Endless Possibilities

Pennant & streamers are light in weight, making them easy to install. You can display them across your business front, around your product, or along the roadside. They’re versatile and adaptable to any business need.


Streamline Your Advertising with Bullseye Pennants & Streamers

If you’re looking to boost your business visibility or add a festive touch to your events, consider investing in pennants or streamers. With Bullseye Promotions, you can personalize your pennant strings to suit your business needs. Choose the color, message, logo, and material that best represents your brand and watch your business attract attention like never before.

Ready to make a splash with vibrant pennant streamers? Reach out to us via a phone call or complete our online interest form. We’re ready to help your business make a memorable mark with high-quality pennant streamers.

“I have used Bullseye Promotions for years. It is so good to have a vendor partner I can trust and not worry if the job will be done correctly or not! They pay attention to details, and my grand openings go off without a hitch.

If you are doing a Grand Opening or special event for your business where you need to get noticed, I highly recommend Bullseye Promotions and their nationwide outdoor advertising solutions.”

Rosemary C.

Vice President, Goodwill Industries

Use Cases

Car & RV Dealerships

Eye catching, sales events


Grand openings, special events

C-Stores Service Stations

Attract drive-by traffic

Car Wash


Works Well With

Inflatable Rental


Feather Flags


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Pennant and Streamer FAQs

What are pennant string and streamers?

Pennant string & streamers are a type of decoration consisting of numerous triangular or rectangular flags, known as pennants, and metallic fringe streamers attached to a single string. They’re excellent for promotion marketing due to their visibility and appeal.

Can I customize pennant banners?

Yes, at Bullseye Promotions, we offer custom pennant strings. You can choose the colors, messages, and material to suit your branding needs, including durable nylon cloth pennants.

What’s unique about metallic fringe pennant streamers?

Metallic pennant streamers, featuring metallic strings and metallic pennants, have a shiny, eye-catching appearance. They add a festive touch and draw more attention, making them ideal for special promotions or events.

Are there different types of pennant strings, like racing flags or triangle strings?

Yes, we offer a variety of pennant strings. From racing flags for motorsport events to colorful triangle strings for business promotion, there’s a product to suit every occasion.

What are flag pennants and flag streamers?

Flag pennants and flag streamers are similar to pennant strings, featuring a series of small flags attached to a string. They’re often used for outdoor promotional events, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Are nylon cloth pennants durable?

Absolutely! Nylon cloth pennants are a popular choice due to their durability. They resist weather conditions while maintaining their vibrant color and print quality.

Can you tell me more about metallic fringe streamers?

Metallic fringe streamers are a type of pennant string that features a fringe-like design on each pennant and can last for a longer period of time- up to a year. They capture and reflect light beautifully, creating a sparkly, festive ambiance that’s perfect for special events.

How can pennant banners enhance my promotional marketing?

Pennant banners effectively amplify your promotional marketing efforts. They’re vibrant, noticeable, and can be personalized to align with your branding. Plus, they create a festive atmosphere that attracts customers.

How can I use metallic streamers in a car dealership?

Car dealerships commonly use metallic streamers to create an exciting, attractive environment and they can last longer than pennants. The upfront cost is more but Metallic streamers look nicer and last much longer. Metallic strings or metallic pennants add extra sparkle, drawing attention to your location, specific cars or offers.

How do nylon cloth pennants compare to other materials?

Nylon cloth pennants are superior due to their durability, colorfastness, and ability to withstand diverse weather conditions. They’re also lightweight, making them easy to install and remove.

Are custom pennant strings more expensive than pre-made options?

Custom pennant strings may cost slightly more due to the personalization process. However, the value they add through brand reinforcement and targeted messaging often offsets the higher price.

What’s the best way to hang pennant strings?

Pennant strings are typically hung in either a fan pattern from a light pole to the ground, from light pole to light pole or combination. Always ensure they’re securely fastened and check them regularly to prevent any potential safety hazards.

Can pennant strings or streamers be reused?

Yes, particularly when made of durable materials. After your event, carefully take them down, clean as necessary, and store safely. They’ll be ready for your next promotion or special occasion.

What makes metallic strings streamers a popular choice for events?

Metallic string streamers are popular due to their shiny appearance. They reflect light, making them highly visible and effective in capturing attention. Ideal for evening or indoor events, they create an attractive, festive ambiance.

Can metallic strings on pennant streamers withstand outdoor conditions?

Yes, metallic strings are designed to withstand average weather conditions. As always, extreme weather may cause some wear and tear. For long-lasting outdoor use, metallic streamers are the best.

What are the benefits of using flag strings for my business?

Flag strings are an excellent, cost-effective way to boost your brand’s visibility. They can be custom-designed with your logo, message or colors to create a unified, recognizable aesthetic. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, they’re versatile and easy to install, making them a popular choice for promotional events, grand openings, or to highlight your storefront.

Can I get a discount for ordering pennant strings in bulk?


Yes, Bullseye Promotions offers discounts for bulk orders. Contact us for more information on our bulk pricing options for pennant strings and other promotional materials.

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