Custom Inflatables for Advertising

Imagine having an inflatable arch with your logo at the entrance of a marathon, or a giant inflatable mascot towering above your store, attracting attention and creating instant brand awareness. With custom inflatables, nothing is impossible. They are the perfect solution for product launches, trade shows, and sporting events. Welcome to the world of inflatable design, where your brand takes a larger-than-life form!

Inflatable advertising balloon for building

Boost Your Business with Custom Inflatables: The Bullseye Advantage

Cold Air Inflatables: The Giant Billboard

Cold Air Inflatables are the grand ambassadors of your brand. These inflatables, tethered with ropes and inflated with a constant source of air from an electric fan, create lasting impressions. They could be enormous replicas of your product, business mascots, or sports inflatables. Custom-designed to perfection by our expert designers, these inflatables are set to elevate your brand awareness to new heights.

Sealed Inflatables: Compact and Versatile

Sealed inflatables are designed for convenience and versatility. Once inflated, these units do not require a constant air supply, making them ideal for trade shows, sports events, and retail promotions. From inflatable dome tents to product replicas, sealed inflatables deliver long-lasting engagement, all while promoting your brand.


A World of Possibilities: Custom Inflatable Designs

At Bullseye Promotions, we bring your ideas to life. Our design team, equipped with state-of-the-art 3D computer graphics software, will transform your concept into a 3D model for your review. From inflatable signs to inflatable arches and football tunnel entrances, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Built to Last: High-Quality Manufacturing

Every custom inflatable we manufacture is a testament to quality and durability. We use environmentally friendly, durable materials that withstand various weather conditions, ensuring your inflatable stands tall through the test of time. Our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality business sets us apart in the industry.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

If you want, our team at Bullseye Promotions will handle the inflation and setup of your custom inflatable, ensuring it displays perfectly for maximum brand exposure. Plus, our inflatables are easy to deflate and store, ready for the next event.

A One-Stop Shop for Your Inflatable Needs

Custom Sports Inflatables

Run through football tunnels can be your team’s logo, football helmet, etc. to make an entrance that the other team will not want to mess with. make the biggest entrance, don’t be outdone. These units not only engage the crowd but also create a strong brand association and create excitement for the kids and parents.

Inflatable Parking Lot Balloons

Mark your territory with our custom inflatable parking lot balloons. Whether you’re hosting a special sale, celebrating a grand opening, or just want to make your business stand out, these balloons are an excellent choice. As they soar high above the ground, these parking lot balloons can be seen from miles away, acting as a beacon drawing customers to your location.

Roof Balloons: Sky-High Advertising

Our custom roof balloons take your advertising to new heights. Designed to be weather-resistant and durable, these inflatables can withstand the elements while boldly promoting your brand. Whether it’s displaying your logo, announcing a special sale, or simply catching the eye of passing traffic, these balloons act as a billboard in the sky. With a roof balloon, your message is not just seen—it’s unmissable.

Inflatable Props and Costumes

Bring your mascot to life with an inflatable costume or set the stage with custom inflatable props. These are guaranteed to make heads turn at your event.

Inflatable Arches and Tunnels

Ideal for marathons, fun runs, and outdoor events, our inflatable arches and tunnels create an impactful gateway that’s hard to miss.

Inflatable Tents and Domes

Inflatable tents and domes offer an innovative way to create a branded environment for your event. These can be customized with your colors, logos, and graphics.


Take Your Advertising Campaign to the Next Level with a Bullseye Custom Inflatable

At Bullseye Promotions, we specialize in making your business stand out. With our custom inflatables, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in an advertising campaign that delivers return on engagement. We invite you to experience the Bullseye difference – let’s inflate your business visibility to new heights. Contact us for a sales quote today!


“We love Bullseye! They have been doing our balloons and banners. They are always on time and never forget the permit! Their customer service is amazing, and we love our sales representative, Wayne! He is amazing.”

Clair Skinner

Business Manager, Fannin Tree Farm

Use Cases

Sports teams

Run-through tunnels, giant mascot

Food/Beverage Industry

Giant sized product replica, trade show display

Fitness Centers

Inflatable logo/mascot

Fast Food Restaurants

Product replica, brand mascot

Works Well With

Pop Up Tents

Custom Table Cloths



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Custom Inflatable FAQs


How can custom inflatables benefit my marketing efforts?

Custom inflatables are a highly visual form of marketing that attract attention easily. They generate lasting impressions and can be designed to perfectly represent your company’s brand, heightening awareness and engagement.

Can you create inflatables that match my company logo or mascot?

Certainly! We specialize in creating custom inflatables that can accurately represent your company logo, product, mascot, or any other branding icon. Our inflatables offer an effective way to enhance your brand awareness and connect with your audience in a unique, memorable manner.

What makes your inflatables state of the art?

Our inflatables are designed using advanced 3D modeling software. This technology allows us to create inflatables of any shape and size with precision, ensuring your inflatable matches your vision perfectly. They are extremely durable and all of our inflatables are rental quality so you will limit any issues due to manufacturing.

Can I request specific shapes for my custom inflatables?

Absolutely! We specialize in creating custom branded inflatables in any shape or size, from simple balloon shapes to complex designs. Our state-of-the-art 3D modeling process ensures accurate realization of your ideas.

How much does a custom inflatable cost?

The price of a custom inflatable varies greatly depending on its size, design complexity, and other specifications. Our team at Bullseye Promotions will work with you to create a design that fits within your budget. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

What is the turnaround time for a custom inflatable?

The turnaround time for custom inflatables depends on the complexity of the design and production schedule. On average, you can expect your custom inflatable to be ready in 3-4 weeks from the date of final design approval. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can your inflatables be used for community events or festivals?

Yes, our inflatables are great for community events and festivals. Whether you’re looking to attract attention with a giant hot air balloon, create a festive atmosphere with inflatable characters, or communicate a specific promotion, we’ve got you covered.

What if I only have a vague idea for my custom inflatable?

No problem! You can provide us with a few sketches or just describe your ideas, and our expert designers will work with you to bring your concept to life.

Do you offer seasonal inflatables like Halloween or Christmas themed ones?

Yes, we can create custom inflatables for any occasion, including Halloween, Christmas, or any other special event. Our inflatables are a great way to enhance the festive mood and attract consumers to your space.

How are inflatables useful in a promotional campaign?

Inflatables serve as highly noticeable, fun visual cues in a promotional campaign, effortlessly drawing in crowds. With their large size and unique shapes, such as inflatable characters, they add an element of excitement and make your event or business stand out.

Do your inflatables cater to any specific consumer space?

Yes, our custom inflatables are designed to cater to a variety of consumer spaces, including retail, event venues, festivals, and more. We tailor each inflatable to meet your specific requirements and to engage effectively with your target audience.

Are your inflatables made from durable materials?

Absolutely! Our inflatables are made from highly durable, quality materials to withstand outdoor conditions and regular use. Whether you’re using them for a single day event or a long-term promotional campaign, they are built to last.

Can inflatables contribute to my brand’s planet-friendly image?

Yes, our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, and we strive to minimize our carbon footprint. By choosing our custom inflatables, you’re not only getting a state-of-the-art promotional tool, but you’re also supporting sustainable practices.

Still have a question?

Reach out to us with any questions you may have about our products.

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