Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)

Silicone Edge Graphics, or SEGs, have exploded onto the modern signage scene. With their sleek and vibrant image presentation, SEGs are setting a new standard in the graphic design industry. Using dye-sublimation printing on wrinkle-resistant fabric, they offer not only an exceptional image resolution but also a customizable and cost-effective solution to your business’s signage needs.

Silicon Edge Graphic SEG sign

Illuminate Your Brand with the Backlit Signs

A Seamless Fusion of Graphics and Fabric

The secret behind the SEG’s success lies in its innovative fusion of silicone and fabric. This perfect blend results in graphics that are smooth and seamless, allowing your brand image to truly pop. Our team of experts at Bullseye Promotions pays great attention to every detail in the construction of the SEG to ensure perfection, from the image’s printing to the careful insertion of a thin silicone strip around the border.

Brighten Up Your Brand with Backlit SEG

Incorporating backlighting into your SEG can drastically enhance its visibility. The LED in the aluminum frame illuminates your brand’s image printed on the fabric. The result? A vibrant, high-resolution display that’s sure to attract attention, whether it’s hanging from the ceiling or mounted on a wall.

Perfect for Retail and Trade Shows

SEGs are rapidly gaining popularity among retailers and trade show exhibitors. Their modern, sleek design provides a refreshing alternative to traditional signage options. And with Bullseye Promotions’ freight transport services, we ensure your SEGs arrive on time, ready for quick and easy setup. The wrinkle-resistant fabric ensures your signage always looks its best, no matter how often it’s transported.

SEG Sign

Personalized to Your Business Needs

At Bullseye Promotions, we believe in the power of personalization. We offer SEGs in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, all customizable to fit your brand image perfectly. The dye-sublimation process allows us to transfer ink directly onto the fabric, resulting in photographic quality printing that truly represents your brand. The graphics are easy to swap out for your new promotion or new look, also you do not need to purchase a new frame, only the graphics.

Invest in Quality, Reap the Rewards with Bullseye Promotions

Investing in quality signage like SEGs can be a game-changer for your business. With their eye-catching design and vibrant colors, they’re sure to draw attention and enhance your brand’s visibility. While the initial cost may be more than other graphics options, their durability and long-lasting appeal make them a smart investment in the long run.

Invest in an SEG today and see the difference it can make for your business. Get in touch with Bullseye Promotions to request a quote or to learn more about our range of SEG options. Illuminate your brand, attract more customers, and let your business shine brighter than ever before.

“I have used Bullseye Promotions for years. It is so good to have a vendor partner I can trust and not worry if the job will be done correctly or not! They pay attention to details, and my events go off without a hitch.”

Rosemary C.

Vice President, Goodwill Industries


Use Cases

Trade Shows

Booths, breakout rooms, etc.


Promotions, sales, new product launches, featured stores 

Home Builders

Model home highlights

Medical & Dental

Product and services highlights and launches

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Retractable Banner

Tension Fabric Display Banner Stand

Step and Repeat

Trade Show Displays

Logo Floor Mat Carpet

Logo Mat

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Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) FAQs

What is the function of the gasket in the SEG frames?

The gasket, a thin silicone strip, is sewn directly onto the perimeter of the fabric graphic. This silicone edge is then inserted into the SEG frame’s extrusion, creating a tight, seamless fit. This gives the SEG its wrinkle-free appearance.

What is the role of backlighting in SEGs?

Backlighting, or illumination from a light source behind the SEG, enhances the vibrancy of the printed image. The lightbox, typically an aluminum frame with LED lamps, illuminates the textile, making the colors pop and capturing the attention of viewers.

How does an SEG differ from a traditional banner or mural?

Unlike a standard banner or mural, an SEG offers a modern, sleek, and wrinkle-free display. The image is printed on cloth using advanced dye-sublimation printing technology, resulting in a high-resolution, vibrant graphic that can enhance your brand experience.

Are SEGs a budget-friendly signage option?

While the initial cost of SEGs might be higher than traditional signage, their durability and high-quality presentation make them a smart long-term investment. Additionally, the versatility of SEGs offers more creative freedom in design and space utilization, making them a cost-effective solution for many businesses.

Can I use my own art in the design of an SEG?

Yes! At Bullseye Promotions, we believe in personalization. You can provide your own art or design, and our team will use state-of-the-art printing technology to create a vibrant, high-resolution SEG that perfectly encapsulates your brand.

What are the advantages of the extrusion used in SEG frames?

The extrusion, typically made of lightweight yet durable aluminum, offers several benefits. First, it’s sturdy, supporting the weight of the fabric graphic. Second, its design allows for easy installation of the textile, thanks to the gasket’s insertion into the frame. This makes it a user-friendly, hassle-free signage solution.

How does the lighting system work in a backlit SEG?

In a backlit SEG, LED lamps are incorporated into the frame or lightbox, located behind the textile. When illuminated, these lamps enhance the colors and details of the printed image, making the SEG stand out even in crowded or dimly lit spaces.

How does the metal used in SEGs contribute to their quality?

The metal, usually aluminum, used in SEG frames adds durability and stability without adding significant weight. It is often powder coated for extra resilience and aesthetics. The sturdy metal frame ensures your SEG stays in place, maintaining its sleek, wrinkle-free appearance.

How does an SEG utilize space effectively?

SEGs are a fantastic space-saving solution. Their slim profile allows them to be installed flush against walls or hung from ceilings, utilizing space efficiently. With options for double-sided printing, they can effectively convey your message from multiple viewpoints within the same footprint.

What makes SEGs an excellent choice over traditional lightboxes or banners?

SEGs combine the best of both worlds: the vibrancy and visibility of lightboxes, and the large format and portability of banners. They offer high-resolution, photographic-quality printing on wrinkle-resistant fabric, resulting in a visually stunning display that can elevate your brand’s presence.

How does SEG contribute to the art of brand experience in a retail store or a trade show?

SEGs take visual communication to the next level. Their high-resolution, vibrant displays create a captivating brand experience, drawing customers in and telling your brand’s story in an engaging way. Their versatility means they can be updated easily to keep pace with your evolving marketing campaigns or seasonal changes.

Can SEGs fit into my limited budget for branding and marketing?

Absolutely. SEGs offer a cost-effective solution for impactful branding. Their construction minimizes shipping costs, and their durability ensures they can be used for a long time, maximizing return on investment. Additionally, the fabric graphics can be replaced while keeping the same frame, offering cost savings on future updates.

How are murals incorporated into SEGs?

SEGs provide a perfect canvas for large, vibrant murals. The fabric can be printed with high-resolution images, bringing murals to life with photographic quality. SEG murals can be used as stunning backdrops at trade shows, in office spaces, or in retail stores to create a visually appealing environment.

How does the use of textiles in SEGs contribute to their effectiveness?

The use of textiles in SEGs allows for dye-sublimation printing, which yields vibrant, durable, and high-resolution graphics. Textiles are also wrinkle-resistant, ensuring a sleek and professional look at all times. Lastly, they allow for backlit displays, enhancing the colors and design of your signage.

Can I incorporate my own artwork into an SEG?

Absolutely! SEGs are customizable and can be printed with your unique artwork. The printing technology used allows for a wide range of colors and high-resolution images, meaning your art can be reproduced with stunning accuracy. From brand logos to complex designs, your creativity is the only limit.


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