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The power of a spotlight cannot be overstated – it turns an ordinary night into an extraordinary event. At Bullseye Promotions, we offer high-quality searchlights to put your business in the spotlight. Let us help make your grand opening, sales event, party, or festival unforgettable.

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Harness the Power of Advertising Searchlights

Advertising with searchlights can make a significant difference in your business. It’s an age-old tool that still generates excitement, catches eyes from miles away, and increases foot traffic to your business. Using our high-intensity discharge (HID) beams or high-powered LED beams, your establishment will stand out, drawing customers in and creating a spectacular spectacle that won’t soon be forgotten.

The Perfect Spotlight for Your Needs

Our customer service reps can match with the perfect type of searchlight for your event. Just tell us about your event and let our years of experience help select the searchlight best for you.

AdLight: Shine Bright with Reliable Power

AdLight searchlights are renowned for their consistent performance and reliability. Whether you’re organizing a grand opening, a festival, or a red carpet event, AdLight brings the perfect blend of power and finesse. AdLight’s exceptional design and aluminium construction make it a beacon of durability, capable of withstanding various weather conditions. Illuminate your event with AdLight, the go-to choice for business owners aiming for maximum visibility and impact. You can opt between a single beam searchlight or multiple single beams, our best success with our Ad Lights are installing them on your roof and setting on a timer so you can “set it and forget it” because they are fully automatic.


MegaBeam: Maximum Impact, Unforgettable Brilliance

If it’s uncompromising power and brilliance you’re after, MegaBeam searchlights are your best bet. Known for their high-intensity discharge (HID) beams, MegaBeam searchlights make a powerful statement. Utilizing state-of-the-art xenon bulbs and parabolic aluminized reflector technology, MegaBeam produces a light beam that penetrates the darkness, guiding customers to your event from miles away. Embrace the potency of MegaBeam and take your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

QuAd Light: Four Times the Excitement

With QuAd Light searchlights, you get not one, but four brilliant beams of light, multiplying the excitement at your event. QuAd Light searchlights are engineered for those who want to make a massive impact, creating a mesmerizing spectacle in the night sky. These searchlights employ advanced LED technology, delivering an exceptional lighting experience that sets your event apart. QuAd Lights are the next generation of skytracker searchlights. Opt for QuAd Light to create a stunning display that skyrockets your event’s visibility and appeal.

Quality, Safety, and Unmatched Brilliance

Our searchlights come in various models, including renowned brands like AdLight, MegaBeam, and QuAd Light. They use HID or LED bulbs and parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) technology to produce intense, concentrated beams of light. Despite their heat and power output, our products’ aluminium construction ensures durability and safety for all types of weather, including rain.

A Tool For Every Event

Our searchlights are not just limited to businesses. They’re perfect for community events, festivals, concerts, or even Christmas lighting. They’re also excellent tools for crowd control, guiding attendees at large events, or drawing attention to specific areas. In the past, our equipment has been used in diverse locations from car dealerships to apartment complexes and beyond.


Cost-Effective and User Friendly

Renting a search light from Bullseye Promotions is a cost-effective way to add a wow factor to your event. They’re designed to operate with ease, plugging straight into a wall outlet or using portable generators for more remote locations. And don’t worry about noise – our equipment is designed for quiet operation, so the focus stays on your event, not the lighting equipment.


Easy Rental Process in DFW and Houston, TX and Nationwide

With Bullseye Promotions, renting a searchlight is easy. We offer nationwide rentals, perfect for event planners and ad agencies! Just drop us an email with your request, including the date and duration of your event, and we’ll provide you with a quote. Our customer service is dedicated to your satisfaction, ensuring every detail is handled with perfection.

 In the Dallas Fort Worth & Houston areas as well as nationwide locations, Bullseye Promotions is your one-stop-shop for searchlight and event rentals. Contact us today to discuss how we can illuminate your next event and bring your vision to life.

“I have used Bullseye Promotions for years. It is so good to have a vendor partner I can trust and not worry if the job will be done correctly or not! They pay attention to details, and my events go off without a hitch.”

Rosemary C.

Vice President, Goodwill Industries

Use Cases


Attract attention from miles away, create excitement

Sports Events & Concerts

Generate buzz, venue locator

Holiday Events & Retailers

Create curiosity, grab attention 

Casinos & Race Tracks

Build excitement, better venue awareness

Works Well With

Inflatable Rentals



Feather Flags

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Searchlight Rental FAQs

How powerful are your searchlights?

Our searchlights are incredibly powerful, offering beams that can be seen from miles away. They utilize high-intensity discharge (HID) & LED technology, providing brilliant lighting that can cut through the darkness and draw attention to your event or business.

How does a searchlight rental help attract people to my business or corporate event?

A searchlight serves as a powerful visual beacon, drawing attention to your business location from miles away. The bright, sweeping beams of light are highly noticeable, particularly in the evening, and create an air of excitement and anticipation. This intrigue can attract passersby and potential customers, leading them to explore your business. Moreover, searchlights are often associated with grand events and celebrations, so their presence can also lend your business an elevated image, fostering a perception of importance and excitement about your products or services.

Can your searchlights be used in any weather?

Yes! Our searchlights are designed with durability and safety in mind. They’re built using aluminium, making them resistant to various weather conditions, including rain.

Are searchlights only suitable for night-time use?

While searchlights have a more dramatic effect at night, they can also be used during daylight hours. However, the visibility of the beam will not be seen in daylight but they have been use to set ambiance for events that start before dark as guest walk down the red carpet into the event.

Can you provide searchlights for small events, like a party?

Absolutely! Our searchlights are a great addition to any event, regardless of its size. Whether you’re planning a small party or a large festival, our searchlights will add an element of excitement and glamor to your occasion.

Can I adjust the angle of the searchlight?

Yes, our searchlights have adjustable angles. This feature enables you to point the light where it can make the maximum impact, optimizing visibility and customer attraction.

How many watts does a typical searchlight use?

The wattage of our searchlights varies based on the specific model. However, they generally range from 1,000 to 7,500 watts up, providing intense illumination that can be seen for miles.

How does candle power factor into the effectiveness of a searchlight?

Candle power measures light intensity. The higher the candle power, the brighter the light. Our searchlights boast up to a billion candlepower, ensuring your event gets the attention it deserves.

What types of events are searchlights suitable for?

Searchlights are perfect for a wide range of events, including grand openings, product launches, concerts, festivals, and more. Any event that can benefit from increased visibility and a touch of Hollywood glamour is a prime candidate for searchlight rental.

How does the searchlight rental process work?

Our searchlight rental process is straightforward. Just reach out to us via email, telephone or with our online quote form with your event details, and we’ll provide you with a quote and availability. We’ll drop off and pick up the searchlight in addition to assuring it works great on your site. We aim to make the rental process as smooth as possible for our customers.


Still have a question?

Reach out to us with any questions you may have about our products.

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